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If you’re in need of a new heating system, we can discuss which type is right for you and can install it thoroughly. Or, if you already own a gas furnace, boiler, oil-fired system, or heat pump and it needs repaired, our technicians can fix it quickly to get your home or building back to an ideal comfort level.
Warning Sounds Your Furnace Needs Repairs
Malfunctions can occur that will require professional repairs to fix. Whenever you furnace starts to act oddly, you should call immediately for repairs from trained technicians. Never try to do repair work on your own.But what counts as “acting oddly” when it comes to a furnace? Although some malfunctions are obvious—such as a furnace that won’t turn on at all—others are a bit more subtle, such as changes in the sound the furnace is making. Below are some of the warning sounds that your furnace needs professional assistance you shouldn’t let slip by.

If you gas furnace makes a “booming” sound when it comes on, it usually means there is an issue with the burner, such as dirt or rust, that is blocking the gas jets. You should only trust the job of cleaning the burner to professionals. The booming might also be due to a defective gas valve.


A clicking noise as the furnace turns on sometimes indicates problems with the electrical ignition. If the clicking sound occurs after the blower fan turns off, it can point toward cracks in the heat exchangers, which can lead to carbon monoxide leaks in gas furnaces—so do not hesitate when it comes to calling for repair work.


This sort of mechanical sound can mean issues with the blower motor, possibly with the bearings. Have technicians look into the sound and see if the motor needs replacement.


If you have an older furnace that still uses a blower motor fan belt (rather than a direct motor), the eruption of clanging noises from the cabinet might mean the belt has snapped and is starting to strike other parts of the cabinet. Although repairs can fix this, in most cases you should give serious consideration to replacing the furnace with a newer model.Because there can be more than one cause behind a particular furnace noise, you will need repair technicians to diagnose the problem first and then apply the right solution. Troubleshooting the issue on your own is extremely risky, so don’t attempt it: just call our expert team at Deluxe Air.