You A/C is not working and spent the last 2 hours sweating like never before?
It brake our hearts to call us in an emergency, but get sure that we will solve your problem ASAP
We have all the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done right the first time.
Once you choose to move forward with the repairs your air conditioner will come with a Fixed Right Or It’s Free Guarantee giving you peace of mind all summer long!
Sings you need Air Conditioning repair
The air conditioning season is starting up. Before we know it, summer will be here and our home’s air conditioning systems will start their regular routine. This is an excellent
time to arrange for maintenance service for your air conditioner.
Our technicians will see that your AC is in the best shape possible to take on the rigors of the summer and minimize its chances of encountering repair problems.
Call our technicians the moment you have doubts about the system’s performance, and they will rush out to your home to have the cooling system fixed.
Strange noises from the AC cabinet

You should have a good idea of the kinds of noises that your air conditioner makes when running. If other sounds disrupt this pattern, it usually means a malfunction.
Mechanical clanging, screeching, and grinding sounds often indicate troubles with the fan motors: their bearings are wearing down or they are in danger of overheating. A hissing sound could mean escaping refrigerant, which is a serious issue. Clicking sounds at start-up might be failing capacitors. Our technicians will find out the specific problem and fix it.

Ice along the coils

Because air conditioners send out chilled air (specifically, air with heat removed), it’s easy to think that the appearance of ice along the evaporator coils is not a big
deal. However, no ice or frost should ever appear anywhere in your air conditioner. If the coils begin to ice over, it could mean a low refrigerant charge, dirty coils, or a clogged filter. Call repair technicians right away.

Uneven heating throughout the house

If you notice that some rooms in your home are warmer than they should be, check on airflow from the vents (and make sure first that the vents aren’t blocked). If it feels lower or warmer than usual, there is some fault in either the AC or the ventilation system that needs immediate attention.


Short-cycling refers to when an air conditioning system starts its cooling cycle (turning on the compressor) but shuts off soon afterwards before it can complete that cycle. If an AC continues to do this, it will wear down rapidly and waste power. Short-cycling can happen for a variety of reasons, such as a malfunctioning thermostat or a damaged compressor. If you notice this, give Us a call.